Seesaw: How November '42 Shaped the Future

By late 1942, the world had been fighting World War Two for a long time with no end in sight.  November of that year saw campaigns and battles which set the course of the rest of the war.  Specific battles, decisions, and actions contributed to the war’s outcome.  Those results continue to shape lives around the world. 

The author discusses what led up to the battles and campaigns of late 1942, and looks at how specific decisions and their effects are important to today’s world.  Author Stan Moore draws on new and unpublished letters and personal accounts.  He also taps a wide range of books, journals, and research.  Join the author as he explores personalities known and unknown, pivotal battles and decisions, and underlying reasons and motivations.  

The book is available via Amazon Kindle and in paperback now.

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Seesaw: How November '42 Shaped the Future
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