Table of Contents

A Note from the Author

Foreword            November 1942; The world in 1941 and in 1943

Who                     Dramatis Personae 

When                   Setting the Stage:  What Happened Before, During, and After November, 1942


Chapter I             November 8        Operation Torch; The world in the 1930’s - 1941

Chapter II            November 8        Logistics;  The war, 1941 - 1942  

Chapter III           November 8       Early Guadalcanal; The war, 1942

Chapter IV           November 9        Warriors and administrators; Russia; Technology

Chapter V            November 10     Submarines; Battle of the Atlantic; Intelligence

Chapter VI           November 11     Pact of Steel; Civilians in the War

Chapter VII          November 12     Throwing lightning bolts; Training Pilots; India

Chapter VIII        November 13-15 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal; intelligence

Chapter IX           November 13-15 Russia; the Home Front; New Guinea

Chapter X            November 16-19 North Africa; Cactus; Stalingrad

Chapter XI           November 20-29 Burma; Tunisia; Land battles; What if?

Chapter XII          The Future Defined


Glossary:             Who is Raj and what is a tin fish?

Daily Breakdown

Discussion Questions